Kanye West’s forthcoming album Yeezus is due out this coming Tuesday, June 18th.  However, thanks to someone on the internet that got their hands on a copy a few days early, the album has been leaked and the internet was almost shut down (well, not literally, but you get the picture).

#Yeezus was the number one trending topic on Twitter today, and the internet has gone into a craze about downloading the Ye’s new album.  I, myself, did get my hands on the album, and I must say.  It’s even better than expected.

I have been staying up to date with Ye’s new album via YouTube.  I first heard “New Slaves” on SNL and I immediately fell in love with the song.  The anticipation was hurting me, that when I found out the album finally leaked, I dropped everything that I was doing and scavenged the internet trying to find a link to download the album.

This will not keep me from purchasing the album in stores though, and I hope it doesn’t prevent others from doing that as well.  Kanye is an amazing artist, and even though he can be cocky, I still support him.

Download link via The Promo Bay


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