Andy Chiles

Andy Chiles

First off, I want to say how honored I am to have interviewed this up-and-coming German DJ.

I found Andy Chiles on YouTube by searching for dance remixes to Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used To Know”.  I think I listened to about 15 or 20 different versions, one even by the very famous, world renowned DJ, Tiesto.  I must admit though, that I truly believe Andy Chile’s remix is the best.  Even better than Tiesto’s, and I am a HUGE fan of Tiesto.

Check out Andy’s remix to “Somebody That I Used To Know” remix here – YouTube link

Here is the exclusive, one-on-one interview I had with DJ Andy Chiles.

NYDtv: What exactly is it that you do?
Andy: I’m work as a DJ and producer. I’m produce for some other DJs and of course I produce my own remixes too.  I am currently working on my own single.

NYDtv: When did you start?
Andy: I started DJ-ing in 2002.  I was 15 years old at the time, and I got my first DJ job in a huge bar in Stuttgart, Germany.

NYDtv: What has been your favorite remix to work on so far?
Andy: Oh this is a difficult question.  I think every single remix is one of my favorites.  I have to feel songs to be able to remix them.  You should see me in my studio.  Bouncing to my own productions.  But I think Gotye – “Somebody That I Used To Know”and Adele – “Set Fire To The Rain” were my absolute favorites.  I love the theatrical sounds.

NYDtv: Who are your idols?
Andy: Oh, I think Axwell is one of my biggest idols.  His music is just amazing.  He makes unknown songs become club hits.  I love that!

NYDtv: Do you focus around a certain music genre?    Andy: Yes, I focus on house music.  I’ve never produced hip-hop or other music genres.

NYDtv: Is there anyone you want to work with in the future?
Andy: There are a lot of artists that I would like to work with.  My goals are set very high.  Lets see what the future brings.

NYDtv: What software do you use?
Andy: I’m producing with cubase and some real and touchable studio equipment.  I think my MicroKorg is one of my most used devices.  What some people can’t believe, is that I’m DJ-ing with “Virtual DJ”. If you have real skills, than “Virtual DJ” is a fantastic software.  Faster and clearer than Traktor and more extensive than Serato.

NYDtv: Any advice to people who want to start DJ-ing?
Andy: There is a lot that I could say.  There are good things I would say too, but in my youth everyone wants to get a good job.  Nowadays everyone wants to become a DJ.  So one thing I want to say is that, there is more than just pushing a sync button.  You have to learn so many things about being a real DJ and entertainer.  If you don’t keep it real with this job, don’t even try to become a DJ in a club.  Due to a high amount of hobby-club-DJs, the real DJs have to work against too many amateurs to get their jobs, and this destroys many real talents. It even destroys whole clubs, due to cheap DJs.  If you dont have skills, keep practicing at home!  This is not addressed to someone personally, but this makes this business harder than it already is.

Check out Andy’s official website.  There you will find links to his Facebook, YouTube, MySpace and for booking details as well.


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