Justin Bieber, as billions of people are aware, is turning 18 today. This post, however, isn’t necessarily a tribute to the pop-star hanging on the wall of girls’ rooms around the world.

Before I get to my point, I’d like to take you back a few years, say, to the 1960’s. Davy Jones, a teen idol at the time, sang for the Monkees, and became the heartthrob across the nation. Not only did he sing, but he became a prevalent teen actor as well. He acted as a guest star on “The Brady Bunch’ in the 1971, much like Bieber did on CSI, all the while still making music.

The death, however, of the great Davy Jones, sends former fans reeling into a state of nostalgia-they remember his work like it was yesterday. “When I was a kid, I wanted to BE Davy Jones,” Kevin Bacon tweeted recently. “Big part of what led me to showbiz.” This just goes to show the profound effect teen idols have on his/her fans.

You have, the death of Michael Jackson in 2009, the death of Whitney Houston not even a month ago, and now the death of Davy Jones. These three were pivotal pop music stars at the time, and were the main constituents for fans at the time. In 2008, Davy Jones was noted as the most famous teen idol in history, surpassing Michael Jackson, and Whitney Houston by a long shot.

So, what then, will happen to Justin Bieber as he ages, and when he passes away?

In no way am I implying this will be soon. But it does beg the question-if almost a billion fans of the 18 year-old idolize him at the age now, when he dies, how will everyone feel? It’s sad to think of it. The grief the country has given for these past idols is severe, and I don’t want to hear about it when the next one passes on.

Fans of popular culture hold on to those sorts of things as parts of themselves. When they pass on, it is almost like destroying or depriving a part of them. Justin Bieber may very well be the most popular star to have ever lived, because of his large fan base, and the passion from his fans. I personally don’t like his music all that much, but envy his talents, and in the back of my mind, envy who and what he is.

On that note, Happy Birthday Justin Bieber, may your years entail much joy and happiness.


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