Today, the good ol’ USA shocked the sports world with a victory over the Italian national team during an international football match. This was the first time in 82 years that the US has beaten Italy, a usual soccer powerhouse. Usually the US gets pushed around by these international powers, but in the 55th minute, lightning struck. The US had the ball in the penalty box, and when a pass reached Clint Dempsey, he let a shot go, and it rolled past the Italian keeper.

“Initially, I was going to stay where I was and have him lay it back to me,” Dempsey said. “I saw the guy was covering. So I tried to move to my right to try get open so he could play me the ball. He did a great job of holding it up, playing me, and I just tried to hit it low and hard, far post, and it went in.”

Of the win over Italy, Dempsey had this to say; “I’d like to think that we’re closing the gap and hopefully one day we can do something special.” This win just proves that the US of A isn’t the laughing stock that it used to be.


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