Alright folks, it’s almost upon us, baseball season! If you’re anything like me, you love baseball. So, let’s see if you agree with my projections.

AL EAST WINNER: Boston Red Sox




It’s impossible to deny that the Angels will be a dominating force this season, with the acquisition of Albert Pujols and C.J. Wilson. The Tigers also picked up Prince Fielder, which will make them better than they already are. The Sox have a good rotation, and a great lineup, and recently signed David Ortiz to a one year deal, so if they stay healthy they will take the east. The Yankees too are not to be denied a playoff spot, but it looks as though for the first time in a few years that the Rangers will not make the playoffs. On to the NL:

NL EAST WINNER: Miami Marlins

NL WEST WINNER: Arizona Diamondbacks

NL CENTRAL WINNER: Milwaukee Brewers

NL WILD CARD WINNER: Philadelphia Phillies

New team, new ballpark, young talent, and the signing of a few big names. What’s not to like about Miami winning the NL East? Nothing. As for Arizona, they too are stacked with young talent and will beat out the Giants and Dodgers. Even though the Brew-Crew lost their star, they still have a lot of good players in a league that only holds real competition in St. Louis. However, the Phillies too cannot be dened a playoff spot, with a powerful rotation and good bullpen.

Of course, it’s still only February, and spring training hasn’t even started, but it is coming fast, and I’m already polishing off my cleats and taking swings in the yard. Obviously there’s nothing to really tell just yet, but that is how i see the season going! Share your thoughts.


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