Nuclear bombs. Stockpiling weapons. A horrible feud which has lasted years upon years upon years. What could go wrong?

Officials to the pentagon for the U.S government have been doing some digging in the middle east, and have some “ground shaking” if not scary news.

Iran has been, in the last several months, increasing their arsenal of nuclear weapons in different facilities throughout the country. Israel, their long time enemy, has been nervously watching, as they hoped for a miracle to save them from this everlasting tension.

It has come. Finally.

Israeli supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei emphasized growing Iranian resentment towards the Israeli people, and told the news that the U.S should stay out of it.  The last times we’ve gotten involved, we have created only more problems for the already struggling nation.

U.S officials have recently found out that Khamenei and Israel are planning a p

ossible attack on Iran’s nuclear site in the spring. Doing so would hopefully prevent Iran from stockpiling too many weapons, and become too powerful to the point where Israel couldn’t take them out.

This bitter rivalry has certainly re-surfaced, and definitely won’t sink for the next several months. It is a dangerous situation, and needs to be handled with time and care.


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