The recent explosion of Zombies in popular culture is impossible to deny. The Walking Dead is one of television’s hottest shows, and the book World War Z bu Max Brooks is being made into a feature length film. The CDC a few months back released a guide as to what you should do, with the same information as most government agencies: stay inside, and stay away from the infected.  Here’s a few tips and reminders to keep you safe in your house:

  1. Make it a fortress: Board your windows, but leave a little place to see outside as to what’s going on. If you don’t feel comfortable with that, you can always find a way to access your roof.
  2. Get rid of the stairs: If you live in a two story house, take everything from downstairs you need, get it upstairs, fill your tubs and sinks with water, bring a ladder, and wreck those stairs.
  3. Roof access: Try and stay off of it as to to not attract their attention, but a message or just going out to see what’s going on is a good idea every couple days, maybe even hours.

Now, lets say you and your friend live in an apartment. Most of the same principles apply. Just barricade your door, but try and keep in touch with the other people on your floor or throughout the building.

If you decide to make your stay long term, and you’re with a group of 3-4 (which is maximum) here’s what is recommended:

  • (3 quarts a day set aside for cooking and washing)
  • Hand pumped water filter
  • At least four replacement filters
  • Cistern, for collecting rain water
  • Iodine
  • Canned food (enough for three cans a day)
  • Portable electric stove
  • An advanced medical kit
  • Gas generator
  • Manual electric generator
  • Rechargeable batteries

While this list obviously isn’t full, it’s basic enough to get you going.A main thing as well, is to keep a loaded pack ready near your escape route in case your sanctuary is compromised. the next obvious piece of equipment is weaponry. While most would assume it’d be fine to just grab the first Uzi you see and start shredding away, that’s the wrong choice. What you want is a semi-automatic rifle with decent stopping power that you can easily pick targets with, as well as a sidearm and a melee weapon.

While it is unlikely that there will be an outbreak of any kind causing zombies to roam the earth, it doesn’t hurt to be prepared, always.

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