Have you ever watched a movie or played a game and thought, “Hey, that place looks awesome!”? Well, if you’ve ever played the game Silent Hill, and had that thought, your dreams can now come true, and you can die happy.

Centralia, Pennsylvania. Once a town with a population of about 1,000. Now, a ghost town. The towns major source of income was mining, but in 1962 an incident took place that  caused a fire to burn under the city. The atmosphere became more toxic than that of Saturn, and the town became inhabitable. In 2005, the population was a whopping 10. 10 people. Can you even imagine being there?

While this is the major and most popular “ghost town” in America, because of the Silent Hill games, there are many, many others just like it. An empty train station, an empty military fort, or an empty concrete factory (one of which I’ve actually attended, three times) these places are incredible to be at. It’s great to sit in the center of these areas and think about the history of it and all of the people that have been in that exact spot, perhaps thinking the same thing as you.

http://urbanspelunkers.com/ <– there is a list of “urban spelunking” websites.

DISCLAIMER: While the exploration of empty or abandoned places can be interesting, it can also be dangerous or illegal. If you decide it is something you want to try out, make sure you use extreme caution and follow guidelines.


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