David Beckham, not only the International sex icon, is still known for his impressive free kicks. The two-time MLS all star has renewed his contract with the LA Galaxy for another two years, at the age of 36. A lot of former Manchester United fans have felt betrayed the last five years that Beckham has been away from his home city of London. They feel he should have stayed in London, playing for Manchester, then retiring like he should do.

Instead, he has renewed his contract with the Galaxy’s “super weapon.” Totaling  31 assists for them in 74 games, he has still proven dangerous on corners and free kicks. But, this wasn’t what he was famous for.

“Bend it Like Beckham” (2002), ended with the main character, an Indian girl named Jess, scoring from a free kick, bending it around the wall and scoring to win the game.

This is what he was famous for, back in his prime. He was the most dangerous man with the ball at his feet on set plays; he could make a goal from anywhere on the field.

Some say he is washed up, and is doing this for the money, but I’d like to think he really wants to help bring ‘football’ to America. It has been more popular over the last few years, but a veteran from the Premier League himself just might add the atmosphere needed for the MLS to be regarded as an internationally strong League.


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