For all you skiers out there, you are well aware of the snow drought we are having this season. It’s terrible! People can’t go on their new year ski trips this year because, quite frankly, there’s no snow!

Most of the cities that normally average hundreds of inches of snow a year have not even broke a hundred yet.  I wake up every day, expecting to see snowplows passing every hour or so, clearing out the inches and feet of snow that’s supposed to be falling. It may or not be because of this year being the year of El Nino (irregular precipitation patterns, which raises average temperatures). However, it’s really taking the spirit out of winter, and all the fun activities that people should be doing.

The average snowfalls for some of these cities and places throughout the county aren’t seemingly remotely possible, with the way this winter has started. For example:

Rainer Paradise Ranger Station, Washington 676
Mt Baker Ski Area, Washington 647
Valdez, Alaska 326
Mt Washington, New Hampshire 261
Blue Canyon, California 240
Yakutat, Alaska 191
Marquette, Michigan 144
Syracuse, New York 118
Sault Ste Marie, Michigan 117
Talkeetna, Alaska 115
Caribou, Maine 112
Mount Shasta, California 105
Flagstaff, Arizona 101
Lander, Wyoming 100

These are the  average snowfall for cities around the country with an average of over 100 inches. This drought this year has certainly changed these numbers. Its scary to think these are normal numbers, and  places like this have only had a tenth or so of their average numbers.

Also scary to think that this might continue for the next few years…depending on global warming, and how the environment changes…What do you think?


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  1. reiddangerbrown says:

    interesting article, good statistics!

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