We’ve all had those days.  The days where there seems to be nothing to do.  You usually end up doing something that is “fun enough” like hanging out with friends or going to a movie.  I’m willing to bet that you have never gone to a foreign country to take part in a revolution.  I’m willing to bet that you never went to your college roommate and said “You know what would be sick? Going to Libya to fight with the rebels.”  Even if you did say that, did you actually do it?  Chris Jeon of the University of California did.  In the early stages of the revolution, he bought a one way ticket to Cairo, and traveled by land into Libya, and went straight to the front lines.  He made quick friends with the rebels, and even rode into the city of Nawlifyia with from troops under Gadhafi.  However, weeks later, he was sent packing by rebel forces, because they were fed up with him.  Let this be an inspiration to all of us to do that one thing in life that we’ve always wanted.


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