It is rumored that the Carter family has officially moved into their home located in Scarsdale, New York.

Beyonce and Jay got their marriage license in Scarsdale, back in 2008, and there were rumors that they had already bought a home and were moving in. However, this was false. They did get their marriage license in Scarsdale, but they didn’t move in to the home that they bought. As a matter of fact, the home that they did buy is different from the photos that have been circulating around the internet.

Beyonce and Jay bought property a few houses down from the house that has been circulating on the internet. Their real house is on the opposite side of the street and was blocked off to the public. There was a sign and gate stating “Construction Entrance Only”, and you couldn’t see the house from street view.

Beyonce and Jay are next-door neighbors with the owner of JET Magazine.

Considering the fact that I reside in Scarsdale myself, I know who my neighbors are.

There is also another image circulating the internet, and again, that house pictured (below), is not their house either.

How do I know this for sure?

I used to be a pizza delivery boy and delivered pizza to that house. Neither Beyonce or Jay-Z came to answer the door. The REAL owner of the house did. One of her daughter’s even came to the door to help her with the food.

When the weather gets nicer and the sun is out, you will find me taking photos of Jay-Z and Beyonce (or at least trying to). Of course, if I do get any shots of them, I am posting them here right away.

The image below is the entrance to their house.

The house below is NOT their house. (This is the house I delivered pizza to)

The house below is NOT their house.

The house below is the same house as above.  Again, it is NOT their house.  You can’t see their house from street view, this house you can.

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