As sports fans are well aware, Shaquille O’Neil retired last year, with three NBA Championships under his wing. This week, CNN will be interviewing him, and talking to him about his book, and other things (involving the Hall of Fame). In addition, he will be on Cartoon Network, where he will be hosting the Hall of Fame Awards.

To say this Ask Shaq thing will last, is up for discussion, but it’s nice to see he is applying himself to more than just taking time out of his day to practice those much needed free throws.

He is allowing people to ask him questions in a video by Friday, January 6, at 10 a.m. ET. If he believes your question to be TV worthy, you have the chance to have him answer it on CNN!  (Please no longer that fifteen seconds, and you must be a member on CNN’s website to do so-don’t worry, it’s free, and doesn’t take long at all).


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