There have certainly been some notable stories this year in the NFL.  Through wins, losses, and certain lockouts, this year’s season has been a crazy ride.

Starting from the beginning of the season, there was a full 136 day lockout from the beginning of the 2011 season. More or less, it was big-shot football players who sought to sign bigger contracts so they could get richer. The longest lockout in league history, was the rich fighting the richer in order to be richer than the rich were before. Sound stupid; to keep all of those millions of fans from waiting to watch their favorite teams. But in the end, everyone profited, and ultimately kicked off the season.

As most football fans know, Tebow has certainly become a big part of the Broncos’ record. After Kyle Orton was out of the line-up (at a 1-4 record), Tebow was put in, and everything changed for them. In the proceeding 8 games, Tebow and the Broncos went 7-1, giving them their first playoff berth since 2005, and showing everyone that anything is possible for the Superbowl in February.

Lastly, but certainly not least, we have the rest of the quarterbacks. This year it seems to be more of an “arms race” between the quarterbacks, than any other offensive race. At this point, before the post season has even started, there have been four quarterbacks with over 30 touchdowns, and two over 40 (Drew Brees and Aaron Rodgers).  Their yards are through the roof; 5,000 yards for Brees after this weeks game, and their numbers keep rising. It has certainly been the “year of  the quarterback.”

The Superbowl this February is still far away, and it is out in the open as to who will be in it. This season has left much to still be played, and much to be seen. Who do you think will win?


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