At the age of only 69, Kim Jong Il, the former leader of North Korea, is dead. Dead from a ‘Heart Attack’ early this morning, nations around the globe are both skeptical of his death, and worrisome of  who will take his succession.

Most people have been talking about his “shady” if not unreliable son, Kim Jong Un. Not much is known about the young son; he is around 27 years old, and is a Four- star general in the North Korean Army. Some of Il’s followers were angry at his advancement in the rankings because of his lack of field experience; he has none. Kim Jong Il had many many followers throughout the whole country, even though some say his treatment to his people was less than acceptable.

People of North Korea are deeply mourning for their Great Leader’s death and passing. His son seems to be an undesirable successor. However; they have their hands tied.  Not to say it’s a guarantee, but it does beg the question; What next? Will their ties to China be severed because of their next leader? Will South Korea make any moves towards North Korea’s people?

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