No one likes the stereotypical reporter snooping around trying to get the story. However, most people wouldn’t go as far as shoving them out of the way just because they want a story. Let’s face it; modern day technology still does not eliminate the work journalists and reporters need to go through in order to tell the world about what’s happening.

The police on the Occupy Wall Street area have taken matters possibly a bit too far. Reporters and journalists have been tackled, shoved, and arrested for trying to question the people, and trying to get past the police (with proper press passes) and get pictures or a video. Reporters like Robert Stolarik have been blocked by police officers when trying to cover the story. “It was clearly visible and he was very aware,” he said. “That guy clearly didn’t follow the departmental directive from their Commissioner.” It has become a tense, testy situation in New York, and may get worse before it gets better.


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