Earlier this evening, I was waiting in line at my local CVS when I saw on a magazine shelf “KRIS IS GAY!”  Usually, magazine headlines don’t really grab my attention or make me want to read the story.  However, Star Magazine did an amazing job of really trying to grab my attention.  First, the letters were upper-case and bold, and secondly, the font was a bright yellow.

I kind of feel bad for Kris though.  He seems like a good guy, not sure about his basketball skills though.  He also doesn’t have the best decision skills.  I think we all know that the Kardashian’s aren’t one’s to settle down with and start a family.  It’s pretty much a “hit it and quit it,” with Kim at least.

This year has been pretty bad for Kris so far.

He was the groom of a made-for-TV wedding, which cost $17 million.  He was married for 72 days (that’s pretty long for Hollywood marriages).  He was on the cover of a magazine which stated he was gay.  Finally, he was robbed of over $600,000.  Oh, and the guy that robbed him was invited to the wedding!!

Alright, I kinda rambled on for a bit, but now lets get back to Kris being gay:

“Kim confided to Khloé pretty early on that they hadn’t had sex for weeks after they returned home from their Italian honeymoon,” an insider reveals. “Kim was really concerned.”


…”[Kim] took it upon herself to try to spice up their love life. One night, she came back to their hotel room in a trench coat,” the source reveals. “She lit candles, put on some music and started doing a sexy striptease.

But Kris barely looked up from the TV! He was like, ‘Later babe. I’m watchingSportsCenter now.'”

Beside herself, Kim turned to her sister Khloé for advice, the source claims—and when she did, Khloé hit her with a bombshell. “She asked Kim if Kris might be gay,” the insider says. “At first Kim thought that was ridiculous. But the more she thought about it, the more she wondered. There were signs.”

So you’re telling me since all he wanted to do was watch SportsCenter and relax for a bit cause he was probably tired and jet lagged, this makes him gay?

Alright, maybe he gets pedicure’s, goes on shopping sprees and buys expensive suits.  But in all seriousness, the man is just trying to keep his feet healthy and clean.  He wants to look good, and he has the money to buy expensive products, so why not?!

If anyone from the Kardashian clan is gay, it would be Scott Disick.

At least Kris and Kim slept together.  Scott and Kourtney don’t even sleep in the same bed (yet she just keeps on getting pregnant).


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