With the recent allegations against the Republican candidate Herman Cain, and the possibility of his withdrawal from the race, questions have been raised about the effect on the upcoming GOP elections. He claimed, earlier today, that he will make his final decision by the end of the week, depending on what his wife thinks. The former businessman says the campaigning has been harsh on his wife’s emotions, and may need to drop out in order to be there for his family when they need him.

If Cain decides to drop out, the recent polls have turned in favor of former U.S Congressman Newt Gingrich. A poll was taken yesterday asking the people for who they would vote for if Cain were to drop out: Over 75% of his supporters picked Gingrich, which could propel him over Mitt Romney. To say this would be a guarantee, is an overstatement; it should, however, make Romney think about the direction of his campaign. He has been a very prominent candidate throughout the whole campaign, yet never putting up exceptional numbers. He has, up until this point kept a first to close-second place in the polls so far, but nothing exceptional, again. It seems Romney’s going to buy a ticket and sit on the train and watch as the other candidates seem to be destroying themselves.

Every big-time politician has certainly faltered under pressure and said the wrong things. Rick Perry is no different. In a recent speech he made, he made a mistake in the voting age (saying it was 21) and the election date (He said November 28th). To say these mistakes are “destroying” his campaign isn’t entirely true, but has most definitely faltered people’s perceptions of his capabilities. It will certainly be interesting to see who win the Republican spot for the 2012 Presidential election.


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