Another sex-abuse scandal dug up from the stone ages?

It seems that since the Penn State convictions and firings, the Syracuse assistant head coach, Bernie Fine, has taken some heat from some “shaky” sources. There have been more than one alleged actions of child abuse in past years against the assistant coach, putting his job and moral integrity into question.

Long time friend and head coach Jim Boeheim at first defended his good friend, like any person would. But now, since the allegations and accusations have increased and have put more heat on the assistant, Beoheim has done well to distance himself from the whole situation.

However, you never know…responsible adults tend to drag the truth, in order to get some attention. I could be wrong, but i guess that leaves it up to you to decide…is it just another one of those false stories in order to get attention, based on the recent Penn State convictions? Or does this type of timing just a coincidence, and should properly be looked into, no matter the money and time it may cost?


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