If there was one thing that our country needed at a time like this, it was government failure. The Super Committee in Congress had set a deadline for it’s plan to make spending cuts which would have saved our country around $1.2 Trillion over the next ten years.  Instead, they have wasted their precious time arguing over irrelevant topics, and putting off the most important ones.

Rep. Doris Matsui of Sacramento said flatly that she was “disappointed” in the committee. She spoke of how the committee should have had enough time to compromise on such an important topic to our country. Her blame was most heavily thrown upon the Republicans, to which she  called “stubborn”. Over the past months, the two parties have bickered over each other’s plan to resolve deficit, and save the country some money. More jobs, less government spending, and Medicare cost changes, were all the biggest topics to be covered. They were also the most controversial, depending on the party one represented. Instead, the committee agreed on nothing, and now schools will suffer; thousands and thousands of jobs, billions of grants to suffering schools, and millions of dollars towards special educational students will be cut instead. I am sure this was not the direction our government was hoping to head; who knows what will happen now?


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