This is a developing story (since I still have to upload the photos and videos) about the occupation of Wall Street in Times Square.

I was in the city tonight, for one main reason: Shake Shack.  I have been craving burgers since July, and I have been going back and forth, switching things up between Shake Shack, Elevation Burger, and more.  You can read all my food reviews, on my food review blog.

Now, the second reason why I was down in the city was because of Times Square.  It’s the only place on the planet where it’s always light out, and it seems as if nighttime there doesn’t exist.

I knew that the police were going to be ready for the protestors, and I knew protestors were coming from Boston to New York for the occupation, but I wasn’t anticipating the insane amount of police there were.

Times Square turned into a one lane road, and there were more police than there were pedestrians.

To put it short and simple, Times Square turned into a parking lot for the NYPD.

Stay tuned for more news on this matter, and come back within the next hour or two to see some photos and videos I took.


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