Alex Torres, Hope Howell

Alex Torres, Hope Howell

Yeah, you read it right.  32-year-old Alex Torres, porn star ‘Voodoo’, moonlighted on weekends as an instructor at Skydive Taft.  Alex and Hope Howell, a ‘receptionist’ at the school had sex in a plane before continuing to copulate while diving.   Torres and the part-time skydiving instructor working for Skydive Taft have both been fired, according to owner David Chrouch, who says he has not yet fired Howell.  This is definitely one of the best stories (about sexual acts) to have been in the news since the leaked sex tape of Kim K and Ray J.

Uncensored video is reportedly here, on this NSFW, ADULT CONTENT website. Watch, if you must.

Censored video and photos are here.

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