Hoodie Allen that is.  With over 25,000 followers on his verified Twitter account, and almost 50,000 subscribers on YouTube, Hoodie Allen’s “growing popularity is undeniable” which was noted by Billboard.  

Hoodie Allen isn’t his real name.  It’s Steven Markowitz’s stage name.

Born on August 19, 1988, and raised in a Jewish household on Long Island, Markowitz realized at a young age he wanted to become a rapper.  He would write down lyrics as well as perform in front of friends and family.  Markowitz wanted a stage name that would stick in everyone’s head.  His nickname growing up was “Hoodie” so he figured he’d go with it, and add “Allen” at the end because it sounded better.

Allen released his first EP titled “The Bagels & Beats EP” in 2009.  This garnered him an MTVU Best Music on Campus Award in 2009.  In June of 2010, he released his first hit single, “You Are Not a Robot,” which hit #1 on Hype Machine.  Seeing the success that this brought, he decided to spend his whole summer working on Pep Rally, his first mixtape, which would be released that September.   The mixtape was downloaded over 200,000 times, gaining Allen even more fans and popularity.

In July of 2011, Hoodie released his third mixtape, Leap Year, which notched 250,000 SoundCloud plays in its first week of release.  On the mixtape is personally, my favorite song from Hoodie which is “The Chase Is On.”  It’s an upbeat, party song that everyone would just rock out to if they heard it play.  Hoodie has toured with The Cataracs, Das Racist, Chiddy Bang, and RJD2.

Hoodie’s music will never die.  He is on your classic college students Top 25 Most Played playlist on iTunes (at least, that’s what he is on mine).

If you like music and partying, and have yet to hear any of Hoodie’s songs, than you have to get on your grind and hop onto YouTube and search “Hoodie Allen.”

Trust me, he won’t disappoint.

Hoodie’s YouTube and Twitter


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