iTunes 10.5 is officially available to the public ahead of Wednesday’s launch of iCloud and iOS 5. The release is required for users who want to make use of iOS 5 features like iTunes in the Cloud and wireless syncing via WiFi, and is available via Software Update for both Windows and Mac users.

According to Apple’s release notes, there are only a few major features that come with iTunes 10.5. The first is iTunes in the Cloud support, which not only allows you to re-download previous music, TV, movie, and book purchases on your iOS devices, but also allows your other devices to automatically download that media when you buy it.

This, plus the wireless WiFi syncing for iOS devices, makes up the bulk of the 10.5 update (Update: As noted by MacRumors, Apple has seeded a new developer version of iTunes that continues to test iTunes Match), though users who don’t plan to make use of those features will still want to upgrade if they want to update their devices to iOS 5 when it becomes available. It’s also worth noting that the iTunes 10.5 update for Windows 7, Vista, and XP SP2 also comes with a handful of security updates, so it’s likely worth upgrading if only for improved security protections, too.

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