I know this is a little late.  I actually forgot I had taken these photos and videos, and then uploaded them onto my computer.  I was going to put them on YouTube, but I figured I’d put them on the blog for you guys to see.

Irene hit my area, Westchester County, pretty hard.  There were power outages, fallen trees, raging rivers, and flooding like I’ve never seen before.

My father is a waterproofing contractor, so hurricane’s are something we must prepare for das in advance.  We must be on emergency call, and make sure everything is ready to get to work.

Luckily for my house, our basement was as dry as the desert.  I mean, my father is a professional waterproofer so I would hope that no water would get into our basement.

However, no one could have stopped trees from falling, and since we are living in the 21st century, no one could have stopped them from falling on electrical wires.  We had a black out for a few hours.  Thankfully Con Ed got us back up and running that quick.  A lot of areas were left powerless for more than two weeks!

So, if you want to share your Irene experience, please do.  Otherwise, enjoy the photos and videos.

Some photos you will see are houses that we did work on, that had flooded basements due to Irene.


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