I can agree with this guy though.  I mean, what the heck does “shooting fish in a barrel” even mean?  Why would you want to shoot fish in a barrel in the first place.  So many things are bound to go wrong.  For instance, you shoot the fish in the barrel.  Okay, but the bullet has to go somewhere, and that place is most likely the other side of the barrel.  But if you’re shooting fish, wouldn’t that mean you need to have water in that barrel?  That is, if the fish were alive and all.  So, back to my point.  The bullet travels out the other side, and then you get water everywhere.  Seems like it’s going to be a mess.  Have fun cleaning that up.  Secondly, you know how they say “the first signs of serial killers are when you start to kill tiny animals.”  Well, does shooting fish in a barrel qualify for something like that?

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