Mayweather vs. Ortiz

Mayweather vs. Ortiz

Now, I didn’t see the whole fight considering there was a 2-3 hour wait at Buffalo Wild Wings and a local bar was jam-packed (tighter than the clubs in Italy).  On a side note, I did get to finally see the movie “Contagion” which I thought was a great movie, but you can read more on what I thought about the movie in a later post that I’ll write about it.  So, back to the Mayweather vs. Ortiz fight.  Like I was saying, I wasn’t able to watch the whole thing.  When I came home though, I had all my Facebook friends and Twitter followings update me through their statuses about pretty much minute-to-minute details about the fight.  I wanted Ortiz to win for a few reasons, one being that he has had a tough life.  His parents left him and his brother when he was 5 to fend for themselves.  I am sure, since I don’t know every detail about Ortiz’s life, that he must have had it really rough for years to come after that.  SPOILER ALERT from here on.  Now, let’s skip to the fight night.  Mayweather vs. Ortiz.  This is huge, I mean radio stations couldn’t talk enough about the fight, bars were packed, and the streets were filled with people waiting to get into a place that had a TV where the fight was on.  Once I finally got home at 12:30 midnight, because the long wait in the bar just to get a table for two, I went onto YouTube and saw some footage.  The first thing I watched, was the K.O. and the interview with Mayweather and the HBO host.  I am not an expert at the rules of boxing, but I know one thing.  You have to tap your gloves with the other fighter, and then after you have established contact between each other and agree that you are both willing to fight again, you fight.  Now, if you move in for a hug or pat on the back, and you don’t make a connection to fight again, you don’t fight.  However, Mayweather, probably out of fear of losing, cheaply punched Ortiz using what I believe was a left hook and than a right upper cut, leading to Ortiz being K.O.ed  and Mayweather winning the fight.  After, being interviewed by HBO Mayweather was about to get into another brawl with the HBO host, due to the fact that Mayweather thought he wasn’t getting a “fair interview.”  Well, I have a question for Mayweather, “Do you honestly think that what you did to Ortiz was fair?”


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