This is the Animated Mini Movie/Lyric Video for August Coupe and The Interns’ First Single, “Driving 90”.

What is August Coupe and The Interns?
August Coupe and The Interns is the first project from the MC “August Coupe” (formally known as L.E.D.) in which he is joined by talented musicians Karan Aditya and Keshav Garg. Their debut mixtape, “Introducing The Interns”, which will include this single Driving 90, will be available through in the coming weeks.

What’s with the play button at the beginning/why does this look like a flash video?
Actually, the play button is there because this is a mini adaptation of the Driving 90 Flash Game, based off the song, which will be released shortly through

What is WeStoleTheKids?
Very observant! WeStoleTheKids, or, more properly, ‘We Stole The Kids’, is a band/collective/movement formed from the ashes of the iTunes-chart-topping group “The Band Eclypse”. The ‘WeStoleTheKids’ Youtube channel will be the only official source for all videos related to members August Coupe, Megan Vice, Scott Michaels, Eric Sherman, and Ziya Smallens. If you’re a music fan, please click subscribe above! Much much more free content will be posted in the coming months.

Special thanks to GlobalGrind, GoodMusicAllDay, IllVibes, BagofGoodz, ThaGoodLifeReviews, Beats Reality and Herb, Get Right Music, Suburban 17, All In My Head, and S.O.B.’s for their support so far! Please keep posting and sharing if you like it!!

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