Tyler The Creator, Yonkers

Tyler The Creator, Yonkers

One of the most searched keywords on the internet right now is most definitely Tyler The Creator’s song “Yonkers”. Tyler The Creator, a rapper from the group OFWGKTA (Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All). At first glance the video may scare and frighten almost everyone that watches the video, and if it doesn’t you should check out “Earl” by Earl Sweatshirt another OFWGKTA rapper. That video will definitely freak you out. Tyler The Creator is the ringleader among the group, and he proves himself with the most famous song from them titled “Yonkers”, the first single from his sophomore bid Goblin. The song is titled “Yonkers” because it is believed to be that Tyler himself took a trip to Yonkers, New York and the song reminded him of his trip. The group became well known after making a debut appearance on Jimmy Fallon’s talk show and being declared “the best and most artistic/creative video I’ve seen so far in 2011” says Kanye West. At first I hated the video and the song, but after listening to it and watching it one more time, I enjoyed it and I have been listening to it everyday since. If you want to check the music videos out, click the link here which will direct you to OFWGKTA YouTube channel.

YouTube Channel – OFWGKTA

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