Xbox 720

Xbox 720


The Xbox 360 is by far one of the most popular consoles available on the market at the moment. Competing against the Sony Playstation 3, the Xbox 360 offers unique game play and excellent graphics. Now Microsoft has hinted that the new Xbox 720 will be released in 2011/2012.

Peter Moore, the head of Microsoft’s Interactive Entertainment Business Division, has claimed that the company is looking into the new model. Research is being carried out to determine what type of consoles will be available in 2011/2012. However, the company still plans to sell the Xbox 360 for a while before the new console is introduced.

The Differences in the Xbox 720

While nobody knows for sure what the new Xbox will contain, it is thought that there will be a Blu-Ray player. Previous models haven’t included Blu-Ray capabilities and that is something that Microsoft may want to change. However as the Blue-Ray Disc Association has Sony as one of the board members, Microsoft may not want to get involved. This means some experts believe that the console won’t support Blu-Ray discs.

Similarly, the console is also likely to feature 3D technology. Films and games that are currently being developed are starting to use advanced 3D graphics. There are already 3D televisions available to purchase so it makes sense that the new games consoles will also feature 3D capabilities.

Another potential change includes a larger storage capacity. At the moment the Playstation 3 has a much larger storage capacity than the Xbox 360. This has disappointed Xbox fans and obviously it is something that the developers want to improve upon. The storage capacity f the new 720 model is said to be 1 terabyte.

One thing is for certain, the new Xbox will be a futuristic console. It will feature the latest technologies as well as advanced graphics and sound.

The Xbox 720 Launch Date

There is no launch date for the third Xbox console yet. There has been a lot of speculation in the news that the console will be released fairly soon. However, it is not going to be until at least 2011 before the release date is announced. The reason many people believe that it will be quite soon is because Sony have announced that the Playstation 4 is in development. Nintendo are also working on a Wii 2 model which will also likely be introduced onto the market in 2011. Therefore if Microsoft wants to keep up with the competition, it will need to introduce the Xbox 720 around the same time as the competition.

The most likely release date will be sometime in 2012 as there is bound to be a lot of testing before the console is introduced. Microsoft has also said that they want to give the Xbox 360 at least 6-7 years before a new version is introduced. The company only left 4 years after the launch of the original Xbox before it was scrapped. As the Xbox 360 is currently still relatively new, it makes sense to wait a while longer before the newer 720 model is released.

One question which many fans are asking themselves is how much the new model will cost. Until the release date is announced this information will not be available. There are many speculations as to how much the fans think it will cost, but no official information has been given by Microsoft.

The Xbox 720 is being developed and it will likely be available in 2012. One thing is definitely certain; whenever it is released the fans can expect a whole new generation of gaming.

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