Go Vegan in 2011

Go Vegan in 2011


Day 3

Okay, I am sorry to all the vegans out there, but I broke my pledge.  I was making a music video last night in this mall, and I got pretty hungry.  The only place that was open besides McDonald’s was this Asian grocery shop which had a hot food section.  I wanted some fried rice, not realizing that there would be pork and eggs in it, but the lady behind the counter serving me the food told me I had to pick an additional three items.  I got lo-mein noodles, some sort of pancake looking thing, and chicken.  I was so caught up in the moment, that I forgot all about the pledge that I had taken.  When I was almost finished eating, I realized that I had just ate pork fried rice and chicken.  Well, I couldn’t even make it past three days without eating meat.  I will most likely take this pledge sometime in the near future, possibly next month, and tattoo a phrase on my hands saying, “Do Not Eat Meat.”



Subscribe to my blog if you want to follow me on my 30-day journey in becoming a vegan.  After 30-days I am not sure whether or not I will stay a vegan because I love hamburgers.


Note: If you want to sign the pledge along with me, just follow the link http://features.peta.org/govegan/Default2.aspx


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