Go Vegan in 2011

Go Vegan in 2011

Day 2

Today was the second day that I am not eating any meat.  I almost ruined it at dinner time by eating meat, but you will just have to read this post in order to see exactly what I did (or you can scroll down to the end and read it, but why do that?  I am writing this nice post and you have to skip it all?!)  So, if you are still reading this, thank you.  Alright, let me just cut to the chase.  I woke up early again today in hopes of getting a hair cut, but that plan didn’t work out.  For breakfast, I had chocolate chip pancakes again with butter and syrup.  I had a nice chilled glass of that good ‘ol Tropicana Orange Juice.  For lunch, I had nothing.  Simply because i woke up at 12:30, yes that’s early for me, and I had “breakfast” at around 1:30.  I had work at 5, so by 8 I was done because it was so slow today at work.  For dinner, since I work in a pizzeria/restaurant, I had a personal (12″) wood-oven baked margherita pie with eggplant and some olive oil for some extra flavor.  However, when I ordered my pie, I had asked for pepperoni, not realizing that pepperoni was meat.  Luckily for me though, the chef didn’t start making my pie so I had time to tell him to substitute the pepperoni for eggplant.  The pie turned out great, and I am still following my pledge, I have not eaten a single piece of meat for at least 2 days now.


Subscribe to my blog if you want to follow me on my 30-day journey in becoming a vegan.  After 30-days I am not sure whether or not I will stay a vegan because I love hamburgers.


Note: If you want to sign the pledge along with me, just follow the link http://features.peta.org/govegan/Default2.aspx


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