Go Vegan in 2011

Go Vegan in 2011


Alright, so yesterday I took this pledge on the site PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) and the pledge was that for 30 days I will eat no meat.   I will become a vegan.  I am going to post updates everyday, through blogs and vlogs about my progress.  I will post what I ate during the course of the day, and how I am feeling.  My first post for this pledge is below, wish me luck guys.


Day 1:

So I woke up at 12:30pm, I set my alarm on my phone to that time because I wanted to get a hair cut to go out tonight.  However, when I called the barbershop no one answered.  I called a few more time after that and still no answer, so I figured that they were closed.  My mom had just put together a batch for pancakes, so for breakfast I had a few pancakes.  For lunch, I had some baked pasta with a marinara sauce, and some smoked mozzarella.  For dinner I had Nissen Ramen Noodles.  It’s going good so far, I am not feeling “empty” or anything, I am used to eating primarily just pasta considering my family is Italian and that is probably the most eaten food on my list for my entire life.  So, what did I have to drink today?  Well I had orange juice for breakfast, water and a Red Bull for lunch, and more water for dinner.


Subscribe to my blog if you want to follow me on my 30-day journey in becoming a vegan.  After 30-days I am not sure whether or not I will stay a vegan because I love hamburgers.


Note: If you want to sign the pledge along with me, just follow the link http://features.peta.org/govegan/Default2.aspx


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