Canon T2i

Canon T2i


I have been researching video cameras for the past month. After time and time again of saying “That’s the one I want!”, I finally made my decision last night. I didn’t want to spend my bank account so I didn’t buy top-of-the-line cameras like the 5D from Canon or an over-priced Sony. So, what camera did I settle with? I bought the T2i from Canon which is part of the Rebel series. It is one of the best cameras on the market right now for its price and the quality. It cost me 1,100 and it came with the 18-55mm lens as well as the 55-250mm lens which I got 100 less than retail value because I bought everything together. I also bought a UV filter, and I ordered a 3-way bracket to hold the RODE mic I purchased and for a future light kit. I also purchased a fish eye lens, and a HD LED screen to film videos more easily.


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