Internet Killed Television

“Video killed the radio star”, um how about ‘Internet killed the television star’?  Since the creation of YouTube and websites such as MySpace and Facebook the number of people using the internet has grown dramatically over the past few years.  You can find out everything about anyone and anything by typing in a sentence about it on popular search domains such as Google.com and Ask.com I am sure you have all searched your name on the internet to see what you would find.  Luckily for me, nothing inappropriate popped up.  For me my Facebook page, YouTube page and a few other sites popped up but they all had to do primarily with my alias as NYDEUCES or I guess you can say my name on the internet.  For me, the internet is like a different world.  I can go to Italy (halfway around the world!) by using Google Earth while sitting in my bed eating a late night snack and watching a movie at the same time.  I mean come on, you can’t get much better than that.  Don’t get me wrong though, TV is still huge.  It is still more popular than the internet since most of the videos on the internet are taken from television programs such as ABC, NBC and so on.

Question of the day:

What is going to be the next viral website?  Will it be a new YouTube or a new Facebook?  Or will it be something totally different?

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