Miley Cyrus in "Who Owns My Heart"

Miley Cyrus in "Who Owns My Heart"

Miley Cyrus is at it again in an all new sexxxy video scandal!  This time however, it’s for her new music video.  Video Parents Television Council (PTC) slams Miley saying “It’s unfortunate that she would participate in such a sexualized video like this.”  The video features the former “Hannah Montana” star doing her thing, i.e. writhing in her underwear, then going to the club in a barely-there outfit and bumping and grinding with other club-goers.  The video shows her rolling around in bed without pants, getting ready in her underwear, then out clubbing in an ultra low-cut top.  Well, I guess Miley’s fifty minutes of fame are over and her not-so-tween years have passed although she’s only 17!  I am just glad my little sisters don’t watch her videos anymore or look up to her as a role model, because than the world would have little 8-year-old girls running around in uh, well I guess you can say more “adult” clothing.


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