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Onision: One Divine Community

YouTube is one of the fastest growing websites today (along with Facebook and Twitter).  There are millions of videos and users and the YouTube community keeps growing day by day.  With a growing audience of over 452,235 subscribers and 8,083,188 channel views, Onision is one of the most watched and subscribed to YouTube channel.  He started making videos in 2007 and since than has uploaded hundreds of videos.  Onision is a unique YouTuber though.  While many YouTubers focus on one main theme in their videos, Onision works on songs that he writes himself and comedy videos.  Most of you probably know Onision from the following video. I caught up with Onision and I got to ask him a few questions.

NYDtv – What made you choose YouTube as the place to upload your videos?
Oni – I think it’s the best video service online.
NYDtv – When did you start making videos?
Oni – I began regularly uploading videos in 2007.
NYDtv – Will you still pursue film making in the future?
Oni – Yes, I am very interested in most all audio/video entertainment.
NYDtv – What is the main theme of your videos?

Oni – Having fun, being strange & reflecting on reality.

NYDtv – What was your favorite video to work on?

Oni – Most all of them are fun, I’ve made thousands thus far so it’s hard to pick one.

NYDtv – What was your hardest video to make?

Oni -Probably my music video about blow up dolls.

NYDtv – Who is your favorite YouTube celebrity?

Oni – Shane Dawson, Cyr1216, Nathan Barnatt & a few others.


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  1. 😀 you are amazing!
    I ❤ onision videos!

  2. […] as I could.  I started to do more interviews, a few with some pretty well-known people such as Onision from YouTube and Yosem from Diaspora, a new social networking site.  I have big plans for the […]

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