Rodrick, C.KhiD

Writing the Best Hip Hop Songs of 2010

On February 15, 2009 rapper C.KhiD uploaded his first music video for “Do It”, a hip-hop song both written and performed by the KhiD himself.  He is considered North and South Carolina’s #1 Hip-Hop Artist!  He has been uploading almost all of his work onto his YouTube account which you can check out here – – and he has been working his way up on the ladder of not only the YouTube world (where he is now a YouTube Partner) but in the mainstream Hip-Hop world as well.  Site’s such as Sport’s illustrated, World Star Hip-Hop, DatPiff, and others have contributed to C.KhiD’s popularity heavily. Focused on marketing himself in the digital age, C.KhiD leads his own vision with assistance from a qualified team of writers and internet savvy friends. C.KhiD will be a catalyst to the rebirth of Hip-Hop culture and image.  I got the chance to ask C.KhiD a few questions about his life and the Hip-Hop world he is entering.

NYD – When did you start rapping and writing?

C.KhiD – I started performing music in 2nd grade. Not sure what age that was (lol).  I was singing though at that point, school chorus and city chorus. Thought I could be the next Usher or start up a singing group lol  by middle school I was Tupac and Snoop Dogg.  I think i first wrote songs around 4th or 5th grade.. R&B stuff…. I still know one of the songs’ hooks.

NYD – Why hip-hop?
C.KhiD – My mom was an English teacher… She taught me poetry because she used to write it.  Plus my sister and cousins were up on all the cool rap stuff, so i looked at what they did and picked it up.  I was very young when i started emulating rappers.
NYD – Who’s your idol?
C.KhiD – idol…. God.. that’s about it. Everybody else, I can pass what they’ve done if I aim right.
NYD – Is there a certain “theme” in all of your songs?
C.KhiD – The main theme in all my music is about trying to build.  I want people who listen to my music to always be thinking they can do better and understand a downfall isn’t the end, you just have to figure out how to make things work. It’s motivational music, it’s Champion’s music.
NYD – What was your favorite song to work on so far?
C.KhiD – My favorite song to work on so far… hmmm… that is a good question.  It might be Sour Sugar because of the concept of the song.  I feel creatively, that song is far beyond what most rappers can do today.  The punch lines like “North Houston Like // Yeah My baby Be’s No-Ho // I dont trick shopping money // that for sure is So-Ho,” they just go over everyone’s head by far.   If people really ilstened to the punches in this song while being reminded to keep their relationship alive if it’s not a serious issue going on, you would realize this song is a masterpiece.
NYD – How old are you and where are you from?
C.KhiD – I’m 26 and i’m from South Carolina.  Got a real mixed background as far as living but SC is my heart.
NYD – Is there anyone you want to work with in the future?
C.KhiD – Sure. I’ll work with anybody creative.  I for sure want to do a record with Wiz Khalifa.  I’d like to get one with Nelly, Kanye West, J Cole, and others as well.
NYD – Are there any life-lessons you have or have experienced?
C.KhiD – Life lessons.. whattttttttttt!? of course Bruh!   Simple things.  If a girl doesn’t have control, dont save her.   Take risks in life but make sure it’s for things you are truly passionate about.  Last, keep fresh sneakers… Girls always love that.
NYD – Do you need all the chains, girls, booze and drugs to be a rapper?
C.KhiD – Just depends on who you are and what you talk about.   It’s only needed if you’re talking about it.  I  personally like to have girls in my videos if it talks about them, because I do love beautiful ladies; but I’m not looking to degrade them either.


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